The LeRoy

Fiber Coupled High Stability LED Light Source

Picoyune develops innovative mercury sensors based on novel plasmonic materials. Our sensors can meet some of most demanding measurement challenges. However, we couldn’t find a commercially available light source that was suitable for our sensors. All the options were either too unstable, too large, too expensive, or all of the above. So we built our own, and now offer it as a standalone unit for those who need a high power, high stability LED light source for spectroscopy, microscopy, absorbance measurement, fluorescences measurements, or any other demanding application.

Picoyune Runabout
The LeRoy

Product Details

  • Starts at $500 USD
  • Active temperature control of LED to +/- 0.01° Celsius
  • All components integrated into intuitive ‘plug and play’ package
  • Compact size: 2.5’’ x 2.5’’ x 4’’
  • Long lifetime >50,000hr
  • Includes high-powered LED, power supply and controller
  • Configurable and adaptable for specific uses, or OEM applications
  • Frequency and intensity modulation available
  • Compatible with external controllers
  • One year limited warranty
  • Available in a wide variety of narrow and broad band colors

Spectral Intensity of Selected Colors of the LeRoy LED

Spectral Intensity of Selected Colors of the LeRoy LED
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Ordering Information

Click here to purchase our standard white led source:

For other colors, features, or additional information please contact Jeff Crosby at or (415) 985-4585‬.

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